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Pekka Parvikoski

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Published by: Pekka Parvikoski 12-Apr-18

Have you ever tried to achieve something and failed in it? Or do you really work hard to do something, but you do not get the results you want?
Check if there is any reason for these and see if you can find tips on how to fix the course:
Lack of concentration
The first thing that you are about to achieve is that you need to do a EVERY DAY routine that will bring you closer to your goal.Do these things to stay focused:

Write or read your goals every morning and every night
Decide 3-5 things in your life that you give all your time and where you will be particularly good and forget the other things. I have these: work, family, health, friends. Nothing that does not belong to the categories does not take me a minute of my life. Dont sleep on the couch, watching TV or surfing social media (unless they are your job).
Keep up the TODO list. As obvious as this is, so do it. It will help you focus and get things done.
Build important routines that you DO EVERY day, without any exceptions.
If you miss one day, raise its priority for the next day. Never miss two days in a row.
If you find that you have finished, restart. One American millionaire said that he had to make a decision to succeed every day for six years before he came out and remained that state of mind.

Lack of inspiration

Inspiration is a state of mind and creates a sense of confidence that you feel when you are able to achieve your goals. If you are tired, frustrated, insecure, etc. These are signs of lack of inspiration. Try these things to wake your inner giant:

See your goals and the higher your goals are, the better you get.
Avoid negative people.Do not be a negative person, focus on what is good and what is possible. Write down on the paper which things you are grateful and read them everyday first thing in the morning. Seek positive and successful people.
Read / Listen / See Every Day Something Inspiring + write one of the inspirational thoughts what you have heard.


Create yourself a daily physical routine like doing 10 sit ups each night before going to bed.
Be honest with yourself, is the thing that you are trying to achieve really important to you? If not, stop it. If so, go ALL IN! and put everything in the game.
Create the author’s identity. Let people know you are doing hard work and you will never give up.
Keep pushing! Do not give up, do not give up, take a little rest and continue. Hard times go by. After the winter always comes spring!
Remember you live only once, do not waste a minute
Think of yourself at the age of 100 and look back on your life. What advice would you give the young person to yourself?
Sleep well every night
Eat mostly healthy food that will give you energy and drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Do not do the wrong things

Even if you were how motivated and inspired, if you do endlessly wrong things you  will leave half through your achievements.

Here are some ideas for creating a working strategy:
In general, to be really good at some point, you have to know only about 6 things especially well, find out what they are.
Follow successful people, find out what these successful people in your industry do and do the same.
Try and be willing to fail. Nothing else teaches you better, failure often brings you to a new level and gives insights you would not have otherwise..

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