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Pekka Parvikoski

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Published by: Pekka Parvikoski 09-Apr-18
Business development

Business development

Entrepreneurship means the resourcefulness and the ability to transform your know-how into money by doing the work that the world needs and which you enjoy as own way of life.

Entrepreneurship therefore requires many skills, such as time management, the use of money, and the courage to ask big questions. Entrepreneurship is at the heart of personal and spiritual growth.

what kind of life do you want

The big question is: what is your optimal lifestyle? In other words: How do I know I’m successful? The answer is then to the question: “I know I’m successful when …”. See the most accurate vision of that. Imagine living one day from the beginning to the end and think as many area of your life as possible. Be unstructured and not realistic. Include your work, relaxation, and personal growth, without forgetting your closest people. Please write a preliminary description first of your day. Imagine then this day for about 30 minutes!

Such an entrepreneurial spirit is based on balance and lifestyle that is today, not the future.When we want to put our ideal life into practice through our company, we need to ensure that the company also works.

Ask yourself:
-where I’m so good that I could create this into business?
– could i develop myself unlimitedly in this area?
– could there be eager fans / recipients / paying buyers for that job?

These help to adjust both the big lines when setting up a business and the smaller lines to adjust the strategy.

How to manage time usage

Which three things are the most important, the most productive and the most valuable for your business / life success?
And how can you turn them into daily acts?

So when you have recognized yourself that Facebook strategy is perhaps not the most important thing, it’s time to start working right. That means that you list the three most important jobs you are repeating day, week, and month after month.

One way to parse this line or strategy is to think about it like this:

-What’s the most important thing for your company in the long run (5-15 years)?
-What’s the most important medium for your company (2-5 years)?
-What’s the most important thing in your short-term business (0-1 years)?

This means that you have divided your company’s long-range strategy into three equally important parts. Your business should therefore have a short-term market that will help you accumulate experience and pay bills; the middle market where you want to be a renowned expert over a two to five year time horizon; and long-term markets where you want to create your career in five to fifteen years.

Three things for developing your own business

Every business activity can be viewed from three different perspectives. Generally they follow each other in a certain order. In practice, however, it is wise to concentrate on each as much as possible at the same time

-Content viewpoint
-Process point of view
-The point of information

Content is your core competence. It is the simplest answer to the question: “What do I do?”

The process is the event where your expertise meets the need of the world. It is, hopefully, both a standardized and an instant encounter between the customer and you who relies on certain rules and principles.

Communication is, in other words, marketing. It’s bringing your own expertise into ways that talk to your target audience and get them ready to get excited and motivate to buy what you have to offer. In marketing, you should remember to build a comparatively permanent strategy based on the goals and target audience, and choose from time to time changing tactics. And, most importantly, have fun doing this! In other words, to carry out your information in a way that feels natural and expressive.

Each of these areas requires development and maintenance. It may be wise to think about their own entrepreneurship through these perspectives and to consider what could be done better, more smoothly and more effectively.

So, hope you have a lucrative, creative and fun Entrepreneurship in futuresmiley

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