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Pekka Parvikoski

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Published by: Pekka Parvikoski 06-Apr-18
Spiritual growth, have you found yourself?

Spiritual growth does not stop into growth pains or middle age: your own spiritual growth can be developed throughout life.

Spiritual growth could be compared to the awakening of the eyes that comes out from the inside. When seeking spiritual growth, you will need to become acquainted with yourself, your inner voice, and your own soul-mindedness. By doing so, your consciousness will rise to a new level and you will learn to be aware of yourself. But how can mental growth help you find your own voice?

Balanced life when it is not merely the needs of our body, our feelings or our minds, but also our spirit, our souls. It is therefore important to stop and listen to your inner self to achieve a harmonious and more balanced life where fears, tensions and other mental pressures do not take all your strength and consume you from the inside. Learn how you can grow spiritually as a human being.

Read a lot of literature on mental well-being and growth. Read these guides with the idea and the pen: underline or write up, which points will touch you, and what are the stumbling waters when you are looking for happiness.

Learn how to slow down your running thoughts; try not to think about anything. This will also help you improve your concentration; close your ear, your eyes and your soul and listen. If you learn to listen to silence alone, it can also help you get easier sleeping.

Know that you are a spirit / soul in a physical body that is a physical body with a spirit / soul. The saying goes also “Healthy soul in a healthy body,” and not “Healthy body in a healthy soul”. This awareness can change your attitude to yourself and your being: you will learn to appreciate who you are and not how you look, hear, and so on.

Write yourself up what things make you happy and what you should do to achieve feelings of happiness and success. What things or actions will make you feel conscious and alive? And what are the things that prevent you from experiencing happiness? When writing or drawing these things up, they may become more tangible and you may start to find them more vulnerable.

When you notice your thinking negatively or through the worst, start your self and turn your negative thoughts into a positive one. Open the door for positive thoughts and overthrow the negative thoughts altogether.

Learn to make decisions and stay there. When you find your will, it strengthens you and makes you to be your own master.

Remember that you are not perfect; nobody is. Moreover, completeness does not give room for development, which in turn is the essence of life as a whole. Learn how to develop yourself as a human being, discover your inner tolerance, patience, and develop your own attitude towards other people – and of course yourself.

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