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Pekka Parvikoski

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Published by: Pekka Parvikoski 03-Apr-18
Digital Marketing 2018

How the 2017 has changed the world of digital marketing and what is coming in 2018?

Change in customer behavior.

Everything about marketing planning must always be based on customer understanding. It is important to know how the behavior of potential customers has changed. Customers want a faster and more personalized service when it fits to them, not when it suits the business. For this reason, company customer service should always be available in one way or another.

Using smartphones is growing fast

Customers spend more and more time on mobile devices and various applications. This has been a trend for many years

• More than 50% of web searches are made in mobile

• 91% of Facebook’s daily active use is made on mobile devices

• 80% of Facebook advertising revenue is generated through mobile devices

• 90% of the time spent on a mobile device is applied to applications

Increase in chat user interfaces

What is chatbot?

Chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to simulate people’s way of discussing. For example, it can identify issues and respond to them in the human way and do different things according to your request.Typical examples of chat bots are, for example, customer service bots that help the customer solve the problem and, if necessary, link the customer to the “right” customer service if the situation requires more detailed clarification.In addition to that you can meet chatbots in customer service channel, from chatbots you can already order food directly home or book flights. Chatbot experiments have also been made in the media industry.


Livechat has been in existence for some time, but the business of e-business has developed a lot and is now a competitive advantage for many companies, for example in support services. Live chats have also been included. various automations and triggering opportunities. This means that the livechat will use a variety of pre-created rules to create a sales-related conversation with a visiting visitor. If the visitor activates the conversation then the customer service provider is also activated at the other end.

Searches through voice-assisted assistants are increasing all the time. Big companies have everybody their own assistant. Apple-Siri, Microsoft-Cortana, Amazon-Alexa, Google-Now. The natural continuum of voice-assisted assistants is the emergence of different physical assistive devices (eg Google Home) in our lives. Sound-assisted assistants are now also integrated into the automobile’s own systems in the form of Apple Carplay and Android Car.

Digitalisation changes marketing and sales, like all other industries. Often, we return to the same question whether marketing is an expence or an investment? 

The world is changing and digitalizing at a fast pace. If a company does not have time to keep up to date, a knowledgeable partner is a prerequisite today if you want to stay in business, no matter what industry you are.

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