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Pekka Parvikoski

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Published by: Pekka Parvikoski 03-Apr-18
What is sales lead?

Lead is one of the key terms for successful sales and marketing. Everyone is talking about buying and processing leads. But what is lead?

Generally, lead can be defined as follows: Lead is a person or company that shows interest in your product or service. Lead is therefore a signal of interest.

Today, the customer is a king and often goes far into the buying process before he first contacts the seller. Today’s success is no longer an old-fashioned model where the seller was king and responded to bid and contact requests when the time was right for him.

The fact is, that digitization and change in purchasing behavior change our ways how to understand and manage leads.

lead is same thing for all of us?

What is the definition of lead? Although this may seem like a clear question, but is that it? For example, the sales view of the company and its definition may be very different from the marketing department.

Sales requires the most “warm” leads that have expressed interest in the company by leaving a contact request.
Marketing supplies sales leads that have been collected for a prize draw in connection with a marketing campaign.
This is an example of a situation where views are not met.
In order for the company to have a consistent overview of the definition of the lead and the management of the leads, it is good for the company to define and document the entire sales process together.

The sales process can be divided into, for example, the following steps

1. Contacts
Identified contact. Most commonly, for example, when a newsletter subscribes to an e-mail address.

2. Lead
A contact that shows interest and gives you more information, for example, downloading a specific content from your site.

3. MQL = Marketing Qualified Lead

Lead, who is more interested in the product or service you offer. For example, sending a request for a product guide or downloading brochure.

4. SQL = Sales Qualified Lead

Lead, which meets the conditions agreed with marketing and sales. These are the leads that end up in sales to be contacted.

5. Sales opportunity

Lead who has been contacted and, for example, agreed appointment or bid.

6. Customer

Offer accepted and shops home!

7. Recommendation

By securing customer satisfaction and offering value to customers after the time of purchase, some customers may even recommend your business!

Processing leads

When thinking of a sales process, it feels simple and easy to do. We’re just pulling leads for sales. But in real life,  it isn’t that simple. Every individual works in a different way and at different times.Social listening is a short path to lead generation and making more sales.

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